The Billings Firefighters are proud to announce our benevolent fund is now an official 501c3 organization.  The benevolent website is:

The Billings Firefighters Benevolent Fund is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit started with a core value of firefighters helping their community. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been distributed to those in need in the Billings community and beyond since its inception. We use these funds to help families displaced from their home to a fire, help families with emergency medical costs, help firefighters who get sick or injured, and many other causes around the Billings community. We also assist other nonprofit organizations by supporting their events and providing donations for their cause. Every year, members of the Billings Firefighters and their families donate their time to assist in fundraising events and community outreach.

Billings Fire Department Station and Staffing Studies

Four studies are available to view using the following web-links.

The first link is a study that Billings Firefighters commissioned through the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF).  The IAFF performs these studies as a service to the Local Firefighter’s Union and is funded through member dues.  No taxpayer funds were used to complete this study.

Billings IAFF Final Report 5_2019

The following three links are studies that the City of Billings commissioned to have an outside consulting firm evaluate the effectiveness of the Billings Fire Department emergency services.  Each of these following studies were completed using City of Billings taxpayer funds (CPSM study cost taxpayers $140,860 according to City Council Minutes 8/10/2020)

CPSM Billings Fire Department Study 2021

ESCI 2018 Study

ESCI 2003 Study

Since 1937, Billings Fire Fighters have been protecting the citizens in the Yellowstone Valley from Fires, Medical Emergencies and other unforeseen Hazards. Additionally we represent over 100 uniformed firefighters that work for the City of Billings.

As Billings Fire Fighters, we serve our citizens based on our core values. Honesty, integrity, compassion. These are our guiding principals. We face daily emergencies that require us to be quick problem solvers to make your worse day, a little bit better.

Just another typical day” does not fit in our narrative. Everyday brings new challenges and new encounters. We train everyday to prepare for when the“What ifs” turn into reality. Not just limited to fires and medical emergencies, our training prepares us for Hazardous Materials and Specialty rescues. With Billings unique landscapes it is not uncommon for us to perform Rim as well as River rescues.

Billings Firefighters are here to serve you, the citizens of Billings.

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